Covid 19 Update – Putting your health first


As from July 4 th in accordance with the governmental guidelines we will be reopening.
I would like to reassure you at this time that the recommended safety guidelines will be in place to ensure your safety and that we have made extensive efforts to ensure the appropriate level of PPE in keeping with PHE guidelines and local best practice local protocols.
There will be now be changes to the way we practice and there will be new processes and policies in place that we ask you to adhere to.
These will be available to you on the Faceworks Aesthetics webpage
In the days before your appointment you will be contacted and asked to complete the pre treatment Covid19 Health Assessment.
If you are experiencing any symptoms or feel unwell we will use this opportunity to reschedule your appointment to a date at least 14 days after this contact.
On arriving at the clinic you will be asked to remain in your car until called to enter.
If you arrive early for your appointment please remain in your car.
Unfortunately if you arrive late your appointment will need to be rescheduled.
Please come to the clinic alone and make up free or if not please bring your own make up remover.
On entering the clinic you will be offered PPE and given overshoe protectors.
You will also need to sanitise your hands.
A hand washing station and hand sanitiser will be available to you.
Your temperature will be checked at this time and if found to be unusually high you will be asked to leave the clinic.
Cleaning of the treatment area will be undertaken after every appointment as per protocol and deep cleaning of the clinical area undertaken on a daily basis.
We will be offering a reduced range of treatments in the initial stages to reduce consultation times and to reduce any chance of infection and will update you with regards to any changes.
If you would like to check which treatments are available please call us on 03333051442.
Payment process
In order to reduce contact when making payment we may ask you to pay in a contactless manner.
We will only accept cash payments of the exact amount owed and to be placed in a sealed envelope.
I do hope that these measures will not be necessary for a prolonged period of time but will advise accordingly.
I would like to thank you in advance for following these guidelines and protocols to ensure health and safety.
We so look forward to seeing you again and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 03333051442

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